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Principal's Message

Welcome Wildcats! 


Twentynine Palms High School is steeped in a rich tradition of excellence in every facet of student life, academically as well as socially. We believe very strongly in the quality of the educational opportunity available to our students and strive to maintain a diverse set of courses and activities to meet students' needs on all levels. As the principal, I welcome your input and involvement in every aspect of the educational process of Twentynine Palms High School. We encourage our students and families to be active participants in the establishment of policy and priority that affects our current students and future generations of Wildcats. 


We maintain that excellence, in and out of the classroom, can only be achieved through the collective efforts of all members of our community. This is evidenced by the recent recognition bestowed upon us by US News and World Report, an organization that recognized Twentynine Palms High School, a WASC accredited institution, as one of the top high schools in the country in 2013 with its Bronze Medal status. 


With our recent receipt of a Department of Defense Education Activity grant, we find ourselves at the start of a new journey at our school. The grant is aimed at creating a culture that infuses science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) into the curriculum on a school wide scale. That task along with the transition to the Common Core State Standards for instruction and system of assessment to gauge our progress should prove to be a catalyst for moving Twentynine Palms High School into the future. We look forward to our continued partnerships with the community we serve. 






Justin A. Monical, M.Ed. 


Justin A. Monical, M.Ed.

Extension 2222