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Mrs. Heiser

Mathematics Department

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Algebra 2:

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Adams, Ms. (760) 367-9591 ex.3063 HQT Mathematics Teacher/GATE/Department Chairperson
Bergey, Mr. (760) 367-9591 ex.3066 HQT Mathematics Teacher/ITS/MTA Site Rep
Heiser, Ms. (760) 367-9591 ex.3061 HQT Mathematics Teacher/Special Education
Krause, Mr. (760) 367-9591 ex.3062 HQT Mathematics Teacher/Engineering
Lee-Briggs, Ms. (760) 367-9591 ex.3065 HQT Mathematics/Foreign Language Teacher
Niles, Mr. (760) 367-9591 ex.3064 HQT Mathematics Teacher


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Ms. Adams


Mr. Bergey


Mr. Krause

Mr. Krause