Twentynine Palms High School

Science Department

Annala, Mr. (760) 367-9591 ex.3091 HQT Science Teacher/Department Chairperson
Dunphy, Mr. (760) 367-9591 ex.3093 HQT Science Teacher
Faudel, Ms. (760) 367-9591 ex.3092 HQT Science Teacher
Gorski, Mr. (760) 367-9591 ex.3114 HQT Science Teacher
Shay, Mr. (760) 367-9591 ex.3094 HQT Science Teacher/Department Chairperson/Special Education

Sexual Health Education

California state law (Education Code 51933) requires certain, very specific, criteria are met when instructing students in sexual health education.


Please click here for legal references required of each school with regards to this instruction.


If you have any questions regarding the curriculum, or opting out of this instruction for your student, please contact the site administration at (760) 367-9591 ext. 2222 or email the principal.