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Quest Bridge



The QuestBridge College Prep Scholarship gives outstanding low-income high school juniors an early advantage in college admissions.

College Prep Scholars are uniquely prepared to gain admission and full scholarships to top-tier colleges through QuestBridge. The majority of College Prep Scholars are selected as Finalists for the QuestBridge National College Match program.

With a proven track record of helping outstanding low-income students attain their college dreams, the QuestBridge College Prep Scholarship will provide you with everything you need to know about getting into a leading college—for free.


Visit for further information and eligibility criteria.

Posted by: Tracy Baker
Published: 3/3/15

California Conservation Corps

The young women and men of the Corps work hard protecting and restoring California’s environment and responding to disasters, becoming stronger workers, citizens and individuals through their service.


Employers today are placing more emphasis on education when hiring entry-level workers. The CCC wants its corpsmembers to enter the working world with the education they need to be successful, and the Corps’ educational program is designed with that in mind.


When they enter the CCC’s education program, corpsmembers participate in a standard academic assessment. This assessment allows staff to determine the educational needs of each corpsmember.


Nearly half of our members join the CCC without a high school diploma or GED. Corpsmembers without a high school diploma and those who have passed the GED test but do not have a high school diploma are required to attend high school for a minimum of 10 hours a week after the workday. These corpsmembers are enrolled in the High School Program with either the John Muir Charter School or the National University Academy.


Corpsmembers with a high school diploma are also expected to advance their education. Corpsmembers who possess a valid high school diploma are required to attend educational courses for a minimum of three hours a week after the workday. Adult basic education and general college courses are made available to these members as well.


Visit www.CCC.CA.GOV for more information.


Posted by: Tracy Baker
Published: 3/3/15



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Published: 3/3/15






Students are assigned to counselors by alphabet according to students’ last names. In most cases, counselors will work with the same group of students throughout their four years of high school.




*Students should come to the Counseling Office to sign up to see their counselor.

*Counseling will send for students on the day of the appointment or as soon as





Send an email to or with the following information. During summer please send your request to  Name at the time of graduation or attendance, date of birth, year graduated, and the address where you would like the transcript sent. The turn around is approximately 72 hours.


** If you attended the adult education program at the local community college or on the Marine Corps base and received a Twentynine Palms High School diploma you must call Copper Mountain College for your transcript -  760-366-3791 ext 4246 





Progress reports are issued at the 4.5 weeks, 9 weeks, and 13.5 weeks. These grades do not remain on a student’s permanent record. The final grade for each semester, January and June, will remain on a student’s permanent record.




Schedules should be set by the beginning of the school year. In August, Registration Days are held for students to make corrections to their schedules, pay fees, get I.D.’s, etc. It is important for students to attend their assigned Registration Day. Once school begins, schedule changes are very limited and in most cases cannot be done. Changes for second semester may be requested through mid-December.




Counselors visit classrooms each year during first semester in all grade levels to present pertinent information as it relates to acclimation to high school, activities, scholarship information, financial aid information, career planning, testing, and preparing for post high school plans. Students are given information related to what they should be doing in the current year to prepare for their plans and goals after high school. Counselors also meet with students during registration to assist them in class selection.




Twentynine Palms High School supports a Peer Mediation Program through the Counseling Office. Peer Mediation serves to assist students in solving conflicts responsibly and constructively in a confidential manner. The mediators are students trained in conflict resolution and mediation techniques. Their goal is to aid their peers in resolving disputes that interfere with the educational process without involving teachers, administrators, or other school personnel. For students who wish to resolve a conflict, they should request peer mediation through the Counseling Office.




Twentynine Palms High School provides a variety of clubs and activities in which students can participate. All students are encouraged to get involved starting their freshman year. Involvement can help students enrich academic experiences, explore interests, develop leadership skills, contribute to the community, and make new friends. Most clubs can b e joined anytime throughout the year; other activities will have specific deadlines. Freshman will receive a list of the clubs/activities offered at TPHS in the fall. Students should listen to announcements at the beginning of the year for dates/times of meetings.




Summer school information and applications are available to students during second semester. Information is provided regarding classes, location, and dates. Applications can be obtained in the Counseling Office or online. Registration forms should be turned in to the Counseling Office. There is no cost for attending summer school.


Barb Wood

Head Counselor

Counselor (L-Z)

Extension 2231



Alisa Everett

Counselor (A-K)

Extension 2229

Mary McGrorty


Extension 2232


Tracy Baker

Counseling Secretary


Ext. 2230